July 28, 2018
8 days left
until our reunion.
Email Contact: Eisenhower1961@gmail.com

We are planning for the future as you read this.
Check out the events that are ahead of us at this time.

See Reunions Past & Future Page for past years.  We will
have a low-key backyard or
picnic reunion every year.
​We should probably check the Remembrance pages, as well.

We will have this website on line at least through
February 2022,
so take the time to check in on occassion,
update your own page,
and help us stay in touch. 

Your Reunion Committee
Judy Spencer (Bradford)
Bobbie Dahlin (Gaffney)
​Mary Shuford (Johnson)
Frank Freshwater
Corwin King
Mike Moriarty
Charlene Druse (Smith)
Sslly Whitney (Leiendecker)
Bob Whitney
Mike Nixon set up this Website, and passed away in 2017
The sponsor of Website Extension through 2022 was Gary Hansen, who passed away in 2016
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